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Taste the new spot of MONDIAL

This is the new MONDIAL spot that our distributor in Spain has developed as a central part of its Branded Content campaign "Relish every moment".

We invite you to savour it.

It is an advertisement in which they are transmitted important values such as friendship and happiness and an image of a fresh, young and dynamic brand.

Why relish every moment? Because we live in a world where it is an art to know to taste every moment and enjoy your own ones. And cooking always brings us to unforgettable moments: we cook to get together and we gather to cook. When you prepare the first dinner for your girlfriend or boyfriend. When you organize your birthday party. That dinner with friends in which they remember all those anecdotes that one day you lived. Our friend chef, who enjoys more watching you eating than eating himself ... All these situations are due to the kitchen and all that it entails. Unforgettable and unique experiences where MONDIAL appliances are there to help us.

The “actors” that appear in this spot of MONDIAL are not actors, they are 10 influencers talents selected among hundreds of aspirants. 10 instagramers that provide to MONDIAL campaign to reach 1 million followers. The idea has been to position MONDIAL strongly on the internet, where communication has a great influence in the process of buying of appliances.

We hope you enjoy to relish this MONDIAL campaign in Spain.