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Personal blender is the portable Mondial blender

The MONDIAL Personal Blender is a product that suggests a healthy diet with the facility of preparing shakes and juices

Thinking of promoting a balanced diet, combining taste and a healthier lifestyle, MONDIAL has a line of products that help during the food preparation, the Personal Blender is one of them. The product is a portable blender ideal for the preparation of shakes, fruit juices and detox juices. These drinks are well known by sports’ lovers because they suggest a balanced nutrition.

Usually, in the rush of day-to-day, people are discouraged to prepare drinks in a conventional blender and finally, they opt for other types of foods. The Personal Blender is indicated for this type of situation. The product is accompanied by 2 glasses of 750ml each saw that squeezes and can be taken anywhere. The preparation is fast because it has stainless steel blades and 2 rotation speeds, accompanied by the beating function. Another big benefit of the Personal Blender is the easy to disassembly, making the cleaning of the equipment quick and efficient. 

Personal Blender DG-01 Portable:

  • Blender and squeeze
  • 2 speeds + pulse
  • 2 glasses of 750ml each