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Fresh and free of mosquitoes: this is how your home will be this summer with MONDIAL's fans

During the summer, enjoying a beautiful warm day with friends and family can be a real challenge. Mosquitoes are always lurking because they need the heat; therefore, high temperatures make them bite more than ever.

MONDIAL's new Turbo Excellence fan with insect repellent function is the first anti-mosquito fan that is able to keep an agreeable temperature and keep mosquitoes away at the same time.

MONDIAL's Turbo Excellence fans with patented design, featuring six 40-cm blades, are more aerodynamic, with reduced noise level – offering a powerful, homogeneous and constant airflow, to create a nice and soft breeze. Thanks to the careful design of the blades and grating, the use of sturdier and lighter materials, and their high-efficiency motors, MONDIAL's fans are able to offer up to 15% more airflow with total comfort.

MONDIAL managed to revolutionize the fan market once more with an innovation from its R&D department: the unique anti-mosquito system, which sprays insecticide in a smooth way and scatters it more efficiently through the fan's airflow. This innovative system is three times more effective against mosquitoes and all kinds of insects, both indoors and outdoors (as clinically proved by efficacy tests performed by MONDIAL's staff). The new anti-mosquito fans protect your family from mosquitoes and other insects up to 90 nights; additionally, their effect can be felt already four minutes after startup. They can be filled with any kind of available liquid insecticide in the market.

Ideal for any moment in the day, MONDIAL's Turbo Excellence fan is quieter and makes your daily life tasks easier – such as watching TV, talking to the telephone or sleeping calmly during the night.

You can select ventilation with or without insecticide action in a very easy way! Besides, as the fan can be fully disassembled, their blades can be washed in a trouble-free operation.

You can say now goodbye to those endless summer nights with mosquitoes and noisy conventional fans – and their annoying air gusts.

Come refresh yourself with MONDIAL's new Turbo Excellence anti-mosquito fans; MONDIAL ideas for maximum comfort.