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Edmílson Healthy Challenge MONDIAL

The former football player of F.C. Barcelona and world champion Edmílson Moraes has just launched the EDMÍLSON HEALTHY CHALLENGE, a campaign oriented to promote a change of habits in the day-by-day cooking to lead a healthier diet.

To do this, Edmílson has made an alliance with MONDIAL and one of its star products: AIR MONDIAL, the machine that cooks anything, fast… and without oil.

With 16 national and international trophies in his career, Edmílson is well-known for having always led a very domestic and healthy lifestyle. Now, in his own NGO, he encourages everyone to eat healthier and to be happier with his new challenge: 7 days, 7 balanced and easy to prepare recipes with the new AIR MONDIAL. Thanks to the hot air circulating 360° around the food, it changes the way we fry, roast, bake, gratin and reheat, promoting a healthier diet when cooking without oil, but without giving up great flavours and textures.

Together with Head Chef Dora, the most reliable person in the Moraes family, Edmílson has produced a plan to prepare 7 recipes with the AIR MONDIAL, one per day. Dora and Edmílson challenge us to cook - without using a single drop of oil - appetizing dishes such as mango chutney shrimp brochettes, rosemary pork ribs, breaded hake with yogurt sauce, “mon amour” aubergines with tomato sauce and fresh cheese, veal rolls with vegetables and cranberry sauce, rosemary chicken and vegetables, and “butifarra” sausage skewers. A recipe per day and at the end of 7 days, any person that takes up the “challenge” will have found out how to eat healthier enjoying tasty dishes cooked without adding fat. The recipes are easy to make with ingredients available in any supermarket. Besides that, the shopping list does not exceed 46 €!  

With the “EDMÍLSON HEALTHY CHALLENGE”, AIR MONDIAL appears in the media as the official sponsor of the Edmílson Foundation for the inclusion of the most vulnerable young people, which has been contributing since 2005 to education projects for children and youth from 5 to 17 years of age, and their families.

With over one and a half million units sold in 2018 in Brazil, the AIR MONDIAL will become the ideal multifunctional kitchen appliance for the daily life in the European homes.