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More enjoyable winter with the use of MONDIAL heaters

MONDIAL presents heaters with modern technology and design to take advantage of the cold period.

Winter must be atypical as in previous years, with an early arrival and the low temperatures of that time people are trying to somehow settle in the best way to enjoy this season, whether with clothes, blankets, food or heaters. What really matters is to warm up and enjoy this season.

According to the Technical and Foreign Trade Director of Mondial, Jacques Ivo Krause, in order to have a better use of the heaters, the consumer needs to consider some aspects before the purchase of the electro-portable, they are: the safety that the product presents, oxygen consumption (dehumidification of Environment) and energy consumption.

Here, you can find some tips that help when buying and using the product:

  • Resistance and forced ventilation heaters: are suitable for bathrooms or to heat rooms more quickly, but should not stay connected all night in small rooms as they consume the ambient oxygen;
  • Oil Heaters: can be used in any environment, but are more suitable for rooms, because they do not burn oxygen and also in smaller environments because they take longer to warm the room, since they do it in a natural way, without noise and airflow forced;
  • Halogen Heaters: They have light bulbs that are reflected in a mirror, they heat the environment quickly and directly, but they should not be used in closed rooms, they are more suitable for open environments.

The line of MONDIAL heaters for EMEA markets has air and oil heater models. Check out the models below: