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Mondial Fans for home, a range of fans  number 1 in sales with fresh and modern image
Mondial Magic BrushIon EA-01


Taste the new spot of MONDIAL

This is the new MONDIAL spot that our distributor in Spain has developed as a central part of its Branded Content campaign "Relish every moment".

We invite you to savour it.

It is an advertisement in which... Read more

MONDIAL's fan with its unique anti-mosquito system is three times more effective against mosquitoes, both indoors and outdoors

Fresh and free of mosquitoes: this is how your home will be this summer with MONDIAL's fans

During the summer, enjoying a beautiful warm day with friends and family can be a real challenge. Mosquitoes are always lurking because they need the heat; therefore, high temperatures make them bite more than ever.

MONDIAL's... Read more